Refund Policy

Here, Product means the courses we offer to the students, Client means the students who take courses from the lab, Lab means the specific Sheikh Russell Digital Lab at which student is subscribed, Dealer means the coordinator who is managing the lab programs, Central means the central team from ICTD, Purchase means taking subscription from the online portal with the help of Lab coordinator.

1. If a product is purchased, then there is no change to cancel it or change it to another product. Once it is purchased, it will be non-refundable.

2. If any error occurred at the end of the Dealer to make payment, it is completely his liability. Central does not take any responsibility of that payment.

3. If a double payment is made for a product for  a certain client and if we verify from the merchant’s end, then it will be refunded with a deduction of the merchant’s fee. But it will take certain days to complete the product’s sales calculation and processing.

4. For any fraud service, only dealer is responsible and Central will not make any refund for that. Central is just managing the online system and central coordination with ICTD and various Sheikh Russell Digital Labs.